Deciding where to invest

Deciding where to invest

Lately, two things are constantly reoccurring in my life: People are asking me how they can invest in development and I keep receiving ads from Ellevest on Instagram.

Ellevest is a service that “promises to take my money and invests it for me in businesses and real estate investment trusts for a fee, giving me a return in line with markets ... “ Blah, blah, blah.

Oh, wow! So I can ship my money off to invest in a toothpaste company or 10 other far-away things and then pay someone to tell me how they’re doing? Will I ever get dividends?

Historic building undergoing restoration in Bay City

Historic building undergoing restoration in Bay City


A 127-year-old historic building is now undergoing restoration.

The Crapo Building in downtown Bay City will be transformed into a mixed-use building featuring a restaurant, offices and 26 apartments. 

The project will cost $12 million to complete.

The building was build in Bay City in 1890. It's architectural character quickly became a staple of downtown.

Contractors: Finding the Right Fit

Contractors: Finding the Right Fit

Whether you’re redeveloping a five-story, historic structure or remodeling your kitchen, the secret to any successful project is the same: Building the right team.

But how do you pick the right builder or contractor to help bring your dream to life?

For me, it’s a combination of doing a lot of homework and then listening to your gut.

Developers orchestrate.  We’re the jacks-of-all-trades and masters of none. That’s why building the right team is critical: You need to surround yourself with people who understand your vision and have the expertise to see it through.

Entrepreneur Profiles: Jenifer Acosta of Jenifer Acosta Development

People at ULI Michigan told me I should be in touch with you! What have you been up to with the Urban Land Institute?

When I started my development firm, I took advantage of several educational opportunities through the Urban Land Institute. I also went to the Fall Meeting in San Francisco in 2015 and the bi-annual Small Scale Developer Forum in Pittsburgh in 2016. I’m also in the 2017 ULI Michigan class of Larson Leadership out of Detroit.

$1.7M renovation of Bay City building planned for startup bringing 40+ jobs

BAY CITY, MI -- A $1.7 million renovation project is planned this fall for the facade and upper floors of a popular downtown Bay City restaurant, but the bigger news could be coming after the new year.

Dave Dittenber, owner of Old City Hall, 814 Saginaw St., has announced plans to make exterior facade improvements and completely renovate the restaurant's second and third floors into warehouse-style commercial office space.