eleven thirteen center

eleven thirteen center

I had an hour between meetings last year and decided to take a drive through Bay City’s Center Avenue Historic District. In particular, I was thinking of developing a small-scale infill project and wanted it to be in close proximity to downtown and other projects I’ve worked on.

I’ve driven down Center Ave countless times, but that day this vacant parcel with concrete slabs jumped out at me. It’s located at the corner of Center and Sherman. A large 100’ x 100’ parcel with the unsightly remains of a gas/auto shop. It’s walkable to Downtown Bay City, about a half a mile away. I called the realtor listed on it’s for sale sign and started digging for information. It has been for sale for 10 years.

Developer eyes historic Saginaw building for $17.9 million boutique hotel

SAGINAW, MI --  A group of real estate investors are taking the first steps to examine the historic Bearinger Fireproof Building for redevelopment.

Developer Jenifer Acosta, who made her mark in Bay City renovating the old Bay City Times building into luxury apartments, is proposing the Saginaw building at 126 N. Franklin be redeveloped into a 76-room boutique hotel with 4,000-square-feet of restaurant and commercial space.

Jenifer Acosta Real estate developer, Jenifer Acosta Development

Company: Jenifer Acosta Development

Title: Real estate developer

Age: 34

Years in development/real estate: Two

Education: Southern Illinois University, undergraduate; University of Miami, master's; New York University, graduate certificate in real estate development.

Real persistence: Men dominate real estate development, but women make inroads

Years after Susan Harvey was hired in the mid-1990s to lead the Canton Township office of Ashley Capital, a New York City-based industrial and warehouse space powerhouse, the man who had brought her on board confided the one concern he had at the time: That she was "too nice" to be successful in the male-dominated real estate development industry.

She's proven him wrong.

Deciding where to invest

Deciding where to invest

Lately, two things are constantly reoccurring in my life: People are asking me how they can invest in development and I keep receiving ads from Ellevest on Instagram.

Ellevest is a service that “promises to take my money and invests it for me in businesses and real estate investment trusts for a fee, giving me a return in line with markets ... “ Blah, blah, blah.

Oh, wow! So I can ship my money off to invest in a toothpaste company or 10 other far-away things and then pay someone to tell me how they’re doing? Will I ever get dividends?

Historic building undergoing restoration in Bay City

Historic building undergoing restoration in Bay City


A 127-year-old historic building is now undergoing restoration.

The Crapo Building in downtown Bay City will be transformed into a mixed-use building featuring a restaurant, offices and 26 apartments. 

The project will cost $12 million to complete.

The building was build in Bay City in 1890. It's architectural character quickly became a staple of downtown.